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The group meets in the lobby early in the morning, and with our Baja Expeditions van will head to our warehouse to fetch the snorkeling gear. You will board our 48’ support vessel, the “Pez Sapo”, and will have breakfast en-route as you travel to Espiritu Santo Island, designated a global conservation priority by The Nature Conservancy, because of its unique biological diversity

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Founded in 1974, Baja Expeditions has been leading the way in eco-adventures in Baja by constantly exceeding expectations. In the seventies, while the peninsula of Baja was starting to develop, founder Tim Means sought the way to combine adventure tourism with conservation advocacy seeking to preserve the region's ecosystems. Travel was changing and along with it, travelers’ expectations; Baja Expeditions is Baja's pioneer tour operator in adventure tourism. Throughout the year, Baja Expeditions has formed governmental alliances to ensure environmental protection in the region (founder Tim Means played a huge role in the recognition of Espiritu Santo island as a natural protected area), and has partnered with other environmentally conscious organizations such as Whale Shark Mexico, Ecology Project International, Pelagicos Kakunjà, WWF, The Nature Conservancy, NIPARAJA, etc. to help raise awareness on conservation issues affecting the Sea of Cortez.

Today, we are expanding our frontiers to offer you new and interesting itineraries while remaining true to our sustainability principles. All of our scheduled departures are available for private group charters and are completely customizable. We are pleased to offer serious paddlers a new kayak route through the most isolated pristine section of coast between La Paz and Loreto.

We can outfit your itinerary based on your level of service (bare-bones, premier or deluxe) to suit any budget and turn your dream Baja trip into a reality.

México has gone through many changes in the four decades since Baja Expeditions was founded. Roads have been laid, developments built, airports expanded and populations have increased. Baja California Sur is still one of the safest and visually stunning regions in North America. Here at Baja Expeditions we believe that what makes our adventures unique is the connection we offer our guests to this untouched wilderness.

We create itineraries that bring guests face-to-face with natural phenomena found nowhere else, a claim supported by the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites we visit. Unplug, disconnect yourself from this busy world and charge your natural battery!

Springtime in the Sea of Cortez is filled with cool and crisp blue-sky days; waters filled with blue, fin, humpback, Bryde’s, and orca whales; common and bottlenose dolphins; schools of acrobatic mobula rays, and hundreds of resident and migratory birds.

Fall brings delightful translucent waters ideal for divers and snorkelers alike. The desert blooms to life: cactus flowers and fruits appear, song birds rejoice, and visitors revel in the warm temperatures of Southern Baja.

La Paz is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur and an important regional, cultural, and commercial center having one of the main ports of Mexico (Pichilingue). La Paz has a desert climate typically dry, warm and sunny with a year around average of between 24 and 33 °C (75 and 91 °F). Summer months (July–September) are typically between 34 and 36 °C (93 and 97 °F) and can be humid. The winter months (December–February) are the coldest with temperatures dropping below 15 °C (59 °F) at night, but remaining from 20 to 25 °C (68 to 77 °F) during the day. The city can easily be reached by plane (Aeropuerto International Manuel Marquez de Léon) and land (approximately 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Cabo San Lucas).

The city's colonial architecture is definitively worth seeing, main attractions feature the city's famous "Malecón" or boardwalk filled with cafe's and restaurants. Surrounding beaches are just a small drive away. With a population averaging 215,178 people (2010 census), this city's name which literally means "the Peace" describes perfectly the feel of this vibrant town and it's inhabitants.

Just 18 miles from La Paz, the 23,383 acre island of Espiritu Santo is a natural protected area and the crown jewel in the warm crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. Espiritu Santo has the most intact ecosystem in the region—several plants and animals are found nowhere else in the world! The waters surrounding the island support coral reefs, resident colonies of sea lions at Los Islotes rookery, 500 species of fish and are also frequented by over a dozen species of whales, including the year-round resident finbacks. Because of its warm waters and protected coves, Espiritu Santo provides the perfect place for beginning kayakers, snorkelers and divers to hone their skills.

Our Espiritu Santo Island Eco-Camp offers comfortable amenities in this natural protected area. You customize your trip dates, length, itinerary and level of difficulty. Using our eco-camp on the island as a base, each day will bring new adventures as you opt to kayak in a paddler's paradise, hike up ochre-colored canyons, or swim, snorkel or dive with schools of tropical fish.