Custom Sailboat Charters

Are you looking for an exclusive, catered sailing expedition with an experienced naturalist/guide and crew to help you discover all that the Sea of Cortez has to offer? We are pleased to introduce our newest boat—the Mechudo.

Our completely customizable package includes crew and guides to accommodate a full menu of natural history activities for up to six discriminating travelers. Depending on the time of the year, we can design your exclusive charter to include a combination of sailing, whale watching, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, bird watching, and natural history observations.

We can design your exclusive charter to include anything that is possible to do in both of the Baja California oceans.

This boat is ideal for families, groups of friends, honeymooners, — anyone who enjoys a high-end charter sailing experience with exceptional food, crew and service. Kids are always welcome. They will love daily opportunities to explore and learn in this amazing marine environment.

Baja Expeditions realizes the integral nature of our guides and crew to your overall charter experience, so we hand-pick our team members to meet very exacting standards. You relax, enjoy and leave the sailing to us!

"Knowledgeable and enthusiastic" are the two words that come to mind when thinking of Baja Expeditions' naturalist guides and crew. Proud to share their world with you, you'll be inspired by the breadth and scope of their knowledge, and delighted by their engaging personalities and high standard of service.

El Mechudo

About the boat:

The Mechudo is an award-winning catamaran, designed by Robertson and Caine, one of the world’s leading charter boat builders. Built in 1998 in South Africa, this 4500 model has four double cabins, each with their own private head and shower, and air conditioning is available day & night.

One cabin is reserved for crew. Each of the remaining three cabins has one double bed, and two of them also have a single bed located in the pontoon. The cabin configuration is ideal for six guests.

There is a large galley up front with a saloon and seating, and a large seating and dining area outside, under the canvas bimini. The width of the boat allows for plenty of deck space and one can always find a quiet, private spot. Aft there is a wide walkway across the boat and steps down for easy water access.

The boat sails incredibly well, is very stable and is equipped with complete electronics and high powered engines, giving great performance and reliability under power as well as sail.

Expedition Information

Price: $2,250.00 USD*

Retail, per night.

Trip rating:

Easy to Challenging

Trip dates:

You can choose your preferred dates according to the activities and weather conditions through the year. Please use the seasonal calendar that you will find in this document to guide you. You can also give us a call to help you schedule and organize your trip of a lifetime!

Trip length:

Minimum 2 nights.

*Price does not include the park conservation fee @ $25pp or gratuities.

Which season is best for you?

Choose your preferred season according to the activities and weather conditions through the year

Ideal for: Whale watching, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, and bird watching

  • Weather conditions: Blue skies effortlessly turn into passionately colorful sunsets.
  • Wind: Calm with variable north winds.
  • Temperature: Refreshingly cool sunrises, perfect 68°F days with chilly nights.
  • Water temperature: Average 68°F /19°C.
  • Water visibility: Cold temperatures enhance marine life with increased plankton. As the thermoclines approach the surface, they bring with them more life. Visibility remains low (about 10 to 30 feet).
  • Marine wildlife: Amazing! The sea fills with visiting gray, fin, the occasional blue and orca whales, pods of dolphins, and schools of mobula rays—all indicating rich fish abundance.
  • Non-marine wildlife: Birds appear in their full springtime fervor. We will see nesting pelicans and courting magnificent frigate birds with bright red throats. Reptiles also enjoy the mild climate.
  • Plants: Plump cardon, cholla, pitahaya cacti and fig trees bring out an abundance of lizards, chipmunks, and cactus wrens, while osprey perch upon high cliffs.

Ideas for this season: For nature lovers, a whale watching cruise inside the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) with a natural history focus is a great option. We recommend you take at least three or four days so that you can approach the area where the visiting whales like to congregate. The cooler weather is also ideal for hiking and exploring in the desert and on the islands.

Ideal for: Snorkeling, diving, hiking, and bird watching

  • Weather conditions: Temperate days transform into star-filled night skies.
  • Wind: Calm with predominantly west winds, which are ideal for sailing.
  • Temperature: Average 80°F days increasing to 90°F as the summer progresses.
  • Water temperature: Average 65°F heating up to 72°F as the summer progresses.
  • Water visibility: Visibility improves as temperatures rise. (20 to 70 feet).
  • Marine wildlife: Whale sharks begin to pass nearby La Paz. Pilot and humpback whales are often spotted. Sperm whales begin to appear near San Jose Island.
  • Non-marine wildlife: Lizards and other reptiles love the warmth of the rocks. Butterflies migrate across Baja making parts of the ocean and desert beautifully pained in yellow. An abundance of birds can be seen from land or sea.
  • Plants: The desert is beginning its hibernation. Amazingly, hummingbirds still thrive among the towering cardon cacti.

Ideas for this season: This season is a good compromise between in-water and off-water activities. At this time of the year, large pregnant female whale sharks visit the area. If you have the chance to spot one of them, you will definitely want to get in the water! Conditions are also just right for sailing, hiking, and probably spotting some whales and dolphins and snorkeling with the sea lions.

Ideal for: Diving and snorkeling

  • Weather conditions: Hot; the water is the place to be!
  • Wind: Very calm; Coromuel winds (west winds) are present at night and in the afternoons. Even if the weather is perfect most of the season, it is important to know that this is the middle of hurricane season. We usually get one or two category 1 or 2 hurricanes per year that affect our trips for one or two days.
  • Temperature: 90°F to 100°F. It usually drops about 15°F around October 20th.
  • Water temperature: Average 84°F.
  • Water visibility: Amazing; 100 ft. is not uncommon! You can usually see the bottom at 75 feet!
  • Marine wildlife: Great for divers! While dolphins often escort the boat as it navigates to dive and snorkel spots, juvenile sea lions entertain swimmers with their acrobatics! You'll be sharing the Sea of Cortez with hundreds of fascinating marine species—including scads, grunts, sergeant majors, machetes, and Mexican barracudas. For the most experienced divers, don't miss our expeditions to dive with giant squid and snorkel with sperm whales.
  • Non-marine wildlife: Everyone is coming out of hiding!
  • Plants: In August and September the desert is amazingly green; Added moisture brings plants to life. The cacti are in full bloom and the delicious pitaya begins to fruit!

Ideas for this season: This is definitely the time to be in the water! Non-divers will enjoy snorkeling with the curious and friendly sea lions, whose playful charm and friendliness make for a fun and memorable time. Scuba divers will love diving with a great amount of life in the ocean that Cousteau called “The World's Aquarium”. The most experienced divers shouldn't miss our ultimate expedition: night diving with giant Humboldt squid. This is one of our newest options and is available only to experienced— and adventurous—divers.

Ideal for: Snorkeling, kayaking and hiking. Depending on the wind, November could also be great for diving with hammerheads

  • Weather conditions: Perfect for sailing!
  • Wind: Beginning in November, north winds predominate several days a month. It is time to go sailing!
  • Temperature: Ideal; cool nights, warm days.
  • Water temperature: 77°F dropping to 68°F.
  • Water visibility: Very good but as winter arrives; it diminishes with the cold water and plankton.
  • Marine wildlife: Juvenile whale sharks are in the area. November is great for swimming with sea lions. It's also the season when it is easiest to spot hammerhead sharks at El Bajo.
  • Non-marine wildlife: Ring-tailed cats and other animals are enjoying the fruits of the wet season.
  • Plants: The desert changes from a green forest in some areas back to normal. Flowers convert now into fruits. The desert is full of color and tasty treats!

Ideas for this season: Sailing is at its very best from late November on… For lucky divers, diving at El Bajo (if wind is not present) could be very rewarding; this is the best season to spot schooling hammerheads. This is probably the easiest time to spot juvenile whale sharks; sometimes you find up to eight in the same area. This time of the year is great to create a perfect combination between sailing as well as in-water and on-land activities.